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As one way to help remove fallen leaves, PrairieLand will be vacuuming up fallen leaves the week of October 23rd, weather permitting. They will make one pass only by each house and continue until all streets are complete. Please have your leaves raked on your grass along the edge of the road in front of your house for removal. PLEASE DON’T RAKE THEM INTO THE STREET as this may cause blockage to storm sewers.  There will be an additional pick up the third week in November, beginning on Monday the 13th. Remaining leaves can be mulched, composted or bagged for removal with the purchase of a landscape waste subscription or tag. Burning of leaves is allowed in very limited situations and times of year. (100 feet from an inhabitable dwelling, 50 feet from an uninhabited structure, spring & fall) Please refer to the County websites in which you reside for specific information.   Lake County Open Burning   McHenry County Open Burning
For questions or information, please call Prairieland at 847-381-9300 or visit their website: www.prairielanddisposal.com