$30 Annual Vehicle Tax Due Date Extended to June 30th

Payment for Annual Vehicle Tax can now be done online!

Port Barrington Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Vehicle Tax will due date has been extended to June 30th, 2020 in light of COVID-19 constraints and tribulations.  As in past years, each Village household has a single, flat fee, regardless of the number of vehicles. In November, the Village Board voted to increase this fee to $30 per household. The funds generated help with roadway and parkway maintenance. See CHAPTER 70.18  of the Village Code

We encourage you to use our online payment option. To do so, you will need to use the “Resident ID” at the top of the letter you received in the mail and your house number (not the entire address, just the numbers). BE SURE TO CLICK the SEARCH BUTTON after entering your ID and house number. Click >>here<< to pay online and follow the prompts.   You may also submit cash or check payment to the Village Hall by mail or placed in the drop box. , if you prefer.

While the payment of the Vehicle Tax is mandatory by Village Ordinance, the display of a vehicle sticker is optional. if you wish to display a sticker on your vehicle(s) cling-on decals are available upon request and will be mailed to you once your paid invoice is received. Decals are the same design as previous years so there is no need to replace those you already have. However, a sticker must be displayed on your vehicle if you use the Village Boat Ramp.