Intergovernmental Agreement: Wauconda and Port Barrington working together…….

The Village of Port Barrington and the Village of Wauconda have teamed up to answer resident complaints in code enforcement.  Resident complaints regarding overnight parking, unleashed dogs, yard maintenance and other ordinance violations have been addressed with the intergovernmental agreement between Port Barrington and Wauconda.

The agreement is two-fold:  First, it will provide a Code Enforcement Officer or Uniformed Officer from the Wauconda PD to issue warnings and tickets for ordinance violations.  Secondly, those tickets will be heard utilizing the Wauconda adjudication process.

In most instances a seven day warning will be written, giving the resident an opportunity to correct the problem prior to a ticket being issued.  However, there will be no warning notices for parking violations.

There are three ways to receive a parking ticket: 1) Parking on Village streets between 2am – 6am is prohibited 2) If there is more than 2 inches of snowfall on the roadway 3) There is no parking AT ANYTIME in cul-de-sacs.

This  agreement was entered in 2016 and both parties are excited to continue the partnership.  Our goals are about compliance and addressing the resident’s needs.


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