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Recent hatches of floodwater mosquitoes are extremely annoying. This type of mosquito, Aedes vexans, does not typically transmit disease to humans.. Instead, they greatly annoy humans with their aggressive biting, even in daylight!  The recent hatch should die out in 7-10 days. Unfortunately as floodwaters fluctuate, there may be another hatch to follow.

Mosquitoes in our area are a tough problem as we are surrounded by wetlands and forest preserve. Keeping our wetlands healthy is crucial to keeping numbers of mosquitoes down.

The Village has a rigorous larvicide* program, treating storm sewers regularly and flood waters as they arise. Most counties, townships, and towns do not “spray” continuously for killing of adult mosquitoes as in days of old, unless disease is present. The Village does, however, do barrier sprays at parks and prior to events. Their effectiveness is altered by weather, particularly wind and rain. Most important is to let homeowners know how they can “fight the bite” of mosquitoes at home. Please click on the links below for information on how to reduce the mosquito population around your home and throughout the Village and to protect yourself from getting bit.

Mosquito Flyer

Mosquito Info Handout


*Biological lavicides recommended by the Illinois Departments of Agriculture and Health Departments are used to kill mosquitoes in their larva or “baby” state while they live in water, before they becomes a flying insect.