Additional Leaf Vacuuming Next Tuesday, November 26th

As one of the ways to help with fall leaf clean up, Prairieland offers leaf vacuuming two times a season—once in October and once in November. The second clean-up effort dealt with an unexpected hurdle in the form of snow! Last Monday’s clean up was able to remove as many leaves as possible, but snow and ice got in the way. Fortunately, our Trustee John Grothendick collaborated with Prairieland who is able to squeeze us into their busy schedule for a third pick up NEXT TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26TH. Please have leaves out the day before as pick up begins early. Rake leaves up to the curb or road’s edge, NOT in the roadway and NOT blocking storm sewers, please! Remember this is only one way to deal with leaves—mulching, composting and removal with the offered yard waste removal are other options. Visit Prairieland’s website at for more info.