PrairieLand Resumes Bulk Item Pick-up

Effective April 20th, 2020, Prairieland will be making changes to their bulk item pickup services in order to better serve our community during this difficult time.  Beginning Monday, April 20th, they will resume pickup of bulk items at the curb, however all items outside of the containers will need to be bagged or wrapped in plastic to ensure their driver’s safety.  For example, mattresses, couches, chairs, carpeting, extra household trash, cardboard ext. will need to be bagged or wrapped in plastic and put at the curb.  Bathroom fixtures, including toilets will also need to be bagged or wrapped in plastic. These types of pick-ups will follow the same guidelines as outlined in their brochure (i.e. one item per week, etc.) and on their website. “White goods”/appliances or electronics ARE NOT included–for pick up of these items, contact Prairieland directly.