An Update from the Village President…….                            

Dear Neigbors

Spring weather is just around the corner, and I wanted to give everyone an update on Village Public Works Building Project.

Over ten years ago, the village started to investigate the possibility of building a new public works facility. Over the years it was brought up every now and again. The board got more serious about this over a year ago as we had acquired more equipment and our current space was no longer adequate.

We started the process of designing a new building and sent the ideas to a contractor for a budget number. We added that number to the 2022 budget. At that point we brought in an architect and engineer to get working drawings. Our attorney drafted the paperwork to put the project out to bid.

The bids came in on March 1st. After we received the bids, the board reviewed them all and voted on the 15th of March to award the contract and approved to proceed with the building.

We are looking forward to this improvement for the village. You will see things starting to happen this spring as the work on the building begins.

I want to thank the board for their work on this project. Their diligence over the past several years trimming unnecessary expenses from the budget made this possible. We did not have to entertain a tax increase or borrowing money to finance the building.

All the best,

Keith Vogeler



Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Friday, February 10, 2023, 2:00PM at Port Barrington Village Hall, 69 South Circle Avenue, Port Barrington, IL  60010

Bid Deadline, March 1, 2023, 4:00PM, Bid opening immediately following. Port Barrington Village Hall, 69 South Circle Avenue, Port Barrington, IL  60010   AGENDA


Please click HERE for the Request for Proposal for construction of a Public Works Building for the Village of Port Barrington. +  Addendum No. 2 Updated 2/10/23 distributed at Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting & Addendum No. 3 Updated 2/13/23 that was reviewed at the Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting 

Click for Site Plans:       PB 1       PB2       PB3

Click for Architectural DrawingsPublic Works Building Plans

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