Permit Checklist

The following is a check list of the things you need do or have when applying for a permit:
  • Check for use and setback requirements
Flood Plain
  • Is your property or any part of your property in the flood plain/way?
  • What is the elevation at the top of the foundation?
  • The village engineer will review permit requests in the flood plain/way before the Building and Zoning Official can issue a permit
Well Permit
  • Lake or McHenry County Health Departments approve these permits. Before applying for a building permit always check with the appropriate County for their requirements. When a County permit is required, an approved copy must be presented to the Building and Zoning Officer before a building permit can be reviewed prior to permit application.
Sewer Connection
  • Northern Moraine Wastewater Reclamation District approves and maintains sanitary sewer systems. Contact them at 847-526-3300 for permitting and repairs.
School Impact Fees
  • For new construction please provide a receipt
  • Two copies are required showing all existing improvements
Site Plan
Two copies are required showing:
  • Proposed location of new construction
  • Sewer and well locations and connections
  • Existing topography, if required
  • Proposed finished building elevations
  • Direction of water runoff
  • Driveway details
  • Culvert size
  • Erosion Control methods
Construction Plans (with IL Architect Stamp, if required)
Two copies are required showing:
  • Floor plans
  • Window schedule
  • Foundation plan
  • Typical wall section and details
Well and Sewer
  • One  approved permit copy