Stormwater & Flood Management

The Village of Port Barrington operates under the Watershed Development Ordinance of Lake County.  Any construction within 100 feet of ponds, channels or wetlands requires a permit under this Ordinance.  Inspections are done by the Village’s Engineering firm, who is the designated Village’s Watershed Development Ordinance Enforcement Officer.

Stormwater & Pollution  The USEPA program called the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requires our Village to undertake several activities aimed at reducing water pollution via its stormwater system. These activities include public education & outreach, public involvement, illicit discharge detection & elimination, construction run-off control and “good housekeeping” practices within Village operations.  Should you witness anyone dumping anything into stormsewers, detention ponds, rills, channels, or other waterways, contact the Port Barrington Police through: Lake County Sheriff at 847-549-5200, McHenry County Sheriff at 815-338-2144 or the Village Hall at 847-639-7595 immediately. For more information on the LCSMC or the NPDES and what you can do to help, contact the Village Hall or see helpful links below. 

Flood Information  The Village of Port Barrington is active in the Community Rating System to increase flood awareness, mitigation and safety as well as to obtain potential discounts on Federal flood insurance rates for residents. The following websites contain useful information:

Environmental Protection Agency- Stormwater – click here

FEMA Flood Insurance & Protection-  For National Flood Insurance Program info at click here   For guidance in protecting your home- click here

  • For FEMA Flood MAP Service Center click here

Fox Waterway Agency (with Fox River Flood Level Updates) – click here

McHenry County Aware (emergency management website also with current flood conditions) – click here

Lake County Stormwater Management Commission- click here

Lake Co Watershed Development Ordinance  click here   (adopted by the Village of Port Barrington 2023-09-20)

Know Your Risks, Be Prepared 

All Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan–adopted by Resolution 2017-222  To view plan, click here  To view update 2021 click here,   2022

Red Cross  Your Family Disaster Plan- click here

Best Management Practices to reduce stormwater pollutants – click here

Riparian Area Management, A Citizen’s Guide – click here

Cleaning Up Stormwater Runoff  – click here

Purchase a rain barrel for your home!!  For rain barrel installation video, click here.

Port Barrington Stormwater Management Plan



2020 MS4 Year 17 Annual Report

2021 MS4 Year 18 Annual Report

2022 MS4 Year 19 Annual Report

2023 MS4 Year 20 Annual Report


Mosquitoes in our area are a tough problem as we are surrounded by wetlands and forest preserve. Keeping our wetlands healthy is crucial to keeping numbers of mosquitoes down.

The Village has a rigorous larvicide program, treating storm sewers regularly and flood waters as they arise. Most counties, townships, and towns do not “spray” continuously for killing of adult mosquitoes as in days of old, unless disease is present. The Village does, however, do barrier sprays at parks and prior to events. Their effectiveness is altered by weather, particularly wind and rain. Most important is to let homeowners know how they can “fight the bite” of mosquitoes at home. Please click on the links above for information on how to reduce the mosquito population around your home and throughout the Village and to protect yourself from getting bit!